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Custom landscaping adds curb appeal and value to your home as well as making your outdoor living environment more usable and enjoyable. No matter what size your yard, having your yard designed to your lifestyle is worth every ounce of energy. Innovative landscapes, LLC offers custom landscaping services for all your landscaping projects, no matter how big or small. Our landscape designers are familiar with the St. Cloud and surrounding areas. We know the best plants, flowers, shrubs and trees to use in order to turn your landscape dreams into reality.

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Retaining Walls and Boulder Wallsretaining walls and hardscaping

Retaining walls add beauty and depth to your landscaping while containing flower and planting beds, and often adding more usable space to your yard. Whether you prefer the clean, finished look of paver retaining walls or the natural beauty of a boulder wall, we can help. Our landscape designer will build a custom retaining wall that suits your needs, your budget, and the aesthetics of your landscape. If you think your yard would benefit from retaining or boulder walls contact us today at 763-333-4653.

Drainage Correction

Do you have areas in your yard where water puddles and pools after it rains? Is water up against your house or coming in through your foundation? Improper drainage can be a big problem. It stops you from being able to get the most use out of your property, can give pest such as mosquitos a place to breed and long-term, it can cause damage. The experts at Innovative Landscapes can help. Whether the solution is you re-grading your yard, filling indentations and low areas, redirecting standing water so that it disperses, or planting water-loving trees and plants, we will find the right solution for your standing water problem. Call us today at 763-333-4653 for a free consultation and be on your way to eliminating the drainage issues in your yard.